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How Rocketlane built their very own next-gen owned media platform


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About Rocketlane

In just around three years since its launch, Rocketlane has become the go-to platform for customer onboarding and success globally. They count some of the biggest brands in tech such as Clari, Chargebee, CleverTap, SupportLogic, Mixmax, Haptik as customers and cheerleaders. By expertly unifying projects, people, and finances, Rocketlane helps teams collaborate with their customers and deliver projects on time, and on budget. Its purpose-built customer onboarding and PSA platform accelerates time-to-value and improves project profitability and predictability. With impact, accolades such as “Emerging Startup of the year” by SaaSBoomi and “Summer Leader of 2023” by G2 for Client Onboarding category among others have swiftly followed suit.

An early adopter of video and social marketing

“Video and social media have always been important in how we engage with audiences, both new and old. Video content crafted for our audience and distributed well underpin how we have consistently reached new audiences and stayed top of mind” says Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder and CEO of Rocketlane. “Doing this early in our lifespan and doing it well has worked for us. And by well, I mean keeping your audience as your constant north star. Focusing on their problem, size of problem and impact. The ‘Why’ in other words. Equally important, building a community with a lot of care and avoiding the temptation to just sell your product. FWIW, we focus on the long-term. Using video content to create a community that folks find valuable for customer success and personal growth”.

YouTube and Wistia: early success and hitting the wall

“We initially hosted videos on YouTube for experimentation. We quickly realized that YouTube was designed to retain users within its ecosystem, using our content. It didn’t do much to help us be discovered and build our audience. So, we used Wistia and their embedded videos on our website. It helped us start testing interest and building our community”, says Srikrishnan. “That said, as we have grown, we have reached a place where we want to do more.

  1. Brand: We wanted more of our own brand look to reflect in our content. Our old set up lacked the control and elegance we needed.
  2. Scalability is the other issue as we want to evolve our community and platform. We want to collaborate with some friends in the customer success community to create new content. This is a shift towards a more user generated content (UGC) set up. For our creators to upload their own videos, they will need to sign up for the embeddable video service before they can act. No way.
  3. User experience was another sore point – we feel we reached an inflection point and want to go beyond the “blog” experience to something more akin to a “Netflix” like experience. This was simply not possible with the embed route”.

The Video API for next-gen experiences

Rocketlane’s goal, with, is a next-gen media platform that brings together its audience, community, and creators. To help them share and discover content that meaningfully impacts projects and careers. To provide a space that is less distracting than swamped social media, and more focused with folks who share the same challenges and goals around customer success.

The Rocketlane team, being software professionals themselves, dug into the landscape to find the best vendor. “We evaluated many vendors, and what was hard to do was find everything we wanted in one place”, says Rahul Sridhar, Product Marketing Manager at Rocketlane. “We also wanted someone who shared our passion for RLTV vision and match pace. What stood out with FastPix was the team’s video expertise, vision alignment and end-to-end capability. Not just encoding to delivery, but also the analytics capabilities, all of which were critical to realizing our vision”.

Solving UX intricacies for an enhanced user experience

“Crafting the user experience for streaming is an art. It demands a deep understanding of the intricate components of a streaming platform, user preferences, and the nuances of navigation. The FastPix team, being video experts, brought invaluable insights into video experiences and user behavior in the streaming realm” adds Sivaprakash S, UX lead for the project at Rocketlane.

“What was cool was seeing it all come alive, all the workflows as per our vision and UX. To be able to do that with our brand colors and in a manner reflective of our community and audience goals. We’re excited to keep innovating and how this evolves in the future!” 

rocketlane TV user interface

Measuring and attributing video to demand generation

In terms of marketing goals, Rocketlane wanted to better measure and attribute the performance of every video and view to the bottom of the funnel triggers and ultimately pipeline.

“The integration with the FastPix Video Data product allowed us to gain insights into our audience's behavior – who was consuming what content, enabling us to create custom workflows for lead generation. Moreover, FastPix provided us with detailed analytics on every view, including identifying our most popular content, trigger points that led to conversions, and which clips were repeatedly watched” says Rahul. “These insights have been very helpful in refining our content strategy and boosting engagement”.

The next level

Throughout the process, the Rocktelane team was impressed by how quickly they were able to get to the market with FastPix’s developer-friendly platform. It took less than four months to flesh the platform from Figma to going live. “Our partnership with FastPix has been a great personal and professional experience” says Rahul of the experience. “It has allowed us to navigate the challenges of the video landscape and deliver high-quality content on our own next-gen platform to our audience. Rocketlane TV's launch marks a new high point in our B2B marketing journey.”