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How a prop-tech company leveraged video to scale up and optimize for Fortune 100 customers across 50+ countries?

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About Sclera

Sclera is gaining recognition in the industry as a breakthrough building management solution engineered to revolutionize how businesses monitor and manage assets, workforce, and operations.

Breakthrough isn’t a far-fetched word for this company which counts some of the biggest Fortune 100 brands among its clients. What sets them apart is their commitment to digitally transform the facility management landscape and introduce smart solutions for commercial and industrial building operations worldwide.

“Our platform helps both new and existing facilities to achieve historic levels of efficiency. Be it a single facility or one with almost 150 separate facilities worldwide, we can spin up instantly. All facets of facility management are automated enhancing human efficiency and providing hitherto unknown levels of asset visibility, monitoring, and optimization. While delivering at a unique speed, we don't just promise real ROI - we guarantee it” says Sclera founder and CEO Vikram Hedge.

Optimizing for Fortune 100 customers across 50 countries

With growth, came the need for video in their product.  

Video for product demos, guides, training, with need for subtitles and automated multi-language translations. This was a critical demand from clients. Clients, who are facing an unprecedented departure of skilled facility engineers moving towards retirement, creating an equally unprecedented need to train the next generation and retaining valuable ‘institutional knowledge’.

“There were a lot of challenges using video” said Rajath Rao, Technical Manager of Sclera. “We gave AWS a shot, storing MP4 files on Amazon S3 to make streaming work for customers worldwide. However, many users in factories face network issues, making the process complex and time-consuming. This became challenging as our business continued to grow.

We realized that building video pipelines and sorting out formats, bitrates, and playback infrastructure isn't our primary expertise. Instead of diving into unfamiliar territory, we made a strategic decision to team up with experts who excel in these technical aspects. This way, we can stick to what we're good at and ensure top-quality video streaming integrations.”

Rajath reached out to his community for experts in his network and found FastPix. A Video API that handles end-to-end from ingest to delivery ticked all the boxes for what he and Sclera needed.

  1. Video experts: “It was so helpful to just talk with folks who were video experts. I could see a path back to refocusing on my core platform while enhancing its value proposition and usability.”
  2. Simple integration– “FastPix was refreshingly simple after trying with AWS.”
  3. The ability to automate workflows - “Being a prop-tech company, our ability to automate is important. Any delay in getting a video out is money/time wasted.”
  4. Valuable features - “It was beneficial for us that FastPix was more than just infrastructure with some great features. For instance, for things like choosing and customizing our player, API to auto generate subtitles and translate into multiple languages on fly!”
  5. Pay as you go - “There was no lengthy sales cycle that tried to lock us into something fairly long term.”

The video API that turned vision to reality faster

“Customers compliment us on the quality and usability of our videos now. It was great to have folks in the US be able to make videos in English and have them available in German instantly! We helped create a knowledge store that is immediately available. Since starting, we now have brought more use cases into the fold, further supporting our platform to be the FOCAL POINT for all facilities management and optimization."

"Our product’s user experience has significantly improved.”

“We know we can rely on FastPix. As we continue to innovate, we are confident knowing that we have FastPix as a provider. Supporting our size and global scale is something that was difficult to find in a video partner.”