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Make your videos searchable

Multimodal AI in FastPix’ Search API understands your videos and unlocks context and reasoning. Start building knowledgeable AI applications.​

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Contextualize your video assets

With Video Search API and its built-in indexing, prompting and retrieval, build premium applications that do more. ​

Accurate indexing

No more tedious manual logging. Upload your videos and our Search API’s AI indexes them consistently for different modalities.

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Human-like reasoning 

Find precise moments across your videos in response to natural language queries and intent.

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Relevant results

Context aware searches generate clips, sequences of all related clips, thumbnails, watermarking. Exact results in seconds

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Unified API

Encode, index, transform, search, store, stream and improve.. With one unified API. Increase productivity.

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How in-video search generates relevant results

Our AI extracts multiple modalities like speech, faces, objects, OCR among others to make videos semantically searchable.
The results generated make knowledgeable applications​

Video Archive

Video Archive

Models for Feature Extraction​

Vector Embedding & Database 

Vector Embedding & Database 

Fastpix video search API

Search API - Relevant Results ​

Video Archive

Video Archive

Embedding Models for Feature Extraction​

Vector Embedding & Database 

Vector Embedding and Database 

Fastpix video search API

Search API -Relevant Results ​

Build knowledgeable apps that do more

Connect LLMs to your company’s private sources of data and APIs to create context-aware, reasoning applications.
Think Big. Build better AI applications.

Build smarter chat bots for your users

Search -> Edit -> Stream -> programmable video answers with a few lines of code

BEEP Quagmire
Joey and friends clips
Rabbi game lights

Create clips of tom cruise running…content creation just got easier

How FastPix in-video search worksClips of running Tom Cruise

Events based triggers for surveillance, creators and other use cases. Automatically send triggers and clips as part of your workflow

A clip of the simpsons
FastPix mulitmodal AI for videos

FastPix's Search API gives developers the ability to build content aware, reasoning workflows and apps easily

Centralize, auto-index and retrieve with All-In-One API

Eliminate manual, error-prone indexing

Reduce hallucinations and improve reliability

Programmatically find exact moments and sequences across vast video archives 

Increase innovation and velocity

Ready to ship knowledgeable video ​apps faster?​

From startups to global enterprises,​ ambitious builders choose FastPix​

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How FastPix in-video search works
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