It’s not “if” you’re going to use data, but “how”​

Track experience, engagement, and errors in real-time, improve reliability, and deliver with confidence using FastPix Video Data – the data you need to build and deliver modern online video. ​

Never struggle with online video, again​

No matter where people are watching, or how many are watching or their technical stack, FastPix Video Data helps you understand your viewer experience completely and consistently. So, you can build, iterate, and deploy with confidence​

Single source truth

Ditch complex analysis of multiple sources and missing data. Our analytics platform is the only information source you need​

Built for your workflow​

We support how you work with your customers. Preview with our online platform or pull data with our restful API into your product ​

Know your users

High accuracy meta data on your users and their experiences at your fingertip. Including the views, devices, CDNs etc. Understand how your users consume to deliver more, better

Fix fast

Discover which regions, devices, browsers, videos etc. are causing issues. And fix them promptly. Less wasted time, do more! ​

Instant end-to-end visibility​

Track any video interaction ​in your product

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Delivery and consumption for cost analysis and improvements
Know your user engagement and experience ​
Understand how your content performed by device, time and other imp fields​
Understand how your content performed by device, time and other
imp fields​

So, you’re on top of modern video​

Modern online video spectrum encompasses different browsers, devices, players, networks, CDNs, mobile, web and OTT. You’re navigating these permutations and combinations to deliver where your customers are. You’re shipping a bugfix before viewers start pinging. Data & Analytics gives you the optimal path to deliver improved quality of experience that keep users happy!​

Matrices tracked

Viewer engagement


Unique viewers

Play time

Playback score

Playback Failure Percentage

Exits before video starts

Video startup failure percentage

Startup score

Video startup time

Unique viewers

Player Initialization time

Page load time

Jump latency

Total startup time

Live stream latency

Avg request latency

Max request latency

Preroll loading time

Preroll request time

Request for first preroll

Stability score

Rebuffer percentage

Rebuffer frequency

Rebuffer count

Rebuffer duration

Dropped frame


Request Throughput

Viewer engagement

Average upscaling

Max upscaling%

Avg downscaling

Max downscaling%

Avg Bitrate

Filter Tracked


Browser name

Browser version

OS name

OS version

Device name

Device model

Device make

Device category

Device remote played


Player name

Player version

Player software name

Player software version

Player autoplay on

Player preload on

Player resolution


Video ID

Video title

Video series

Asset ID

Playback ID

Live stream ID


Session ID

Streaming type

Encoding variant

Rebuffer duration

Experiment name

Sub property ID

DRM type


ASN name


Source hostname

Connection type






Viewer ID

Exit before video start

Error code

View has ad

Video startup failure


Preroll ad asset hostname

Preroll ad tag hostname

Preroll played

Preroll requested

Video players supported


Generic HTML5



Shaka player






Android : Google Play Billings

iOS: Apple Purchases


Apple iOS


Our integrations

Jio TV

Fire TV Stick

Android TV

Move fast, and
build better video with confidence ​

An easy-to-use tool that tracks, analyzes and surfaces it all, so you can act​

Quality of experience

Investigate the incident, communicate with stakeholders, resolve the issue, and improve your resiliency.

Breakdown by specific type

Aggregate viewer experience and engagement for the specific video streams you want to track. ​


Faster video metrics allows you to reduce downtime, improve experience proactively and deploy with confidence. ​

Advance alerts

Get alerted about exception errors, communicate with stakeholders, resolve the issue, and improve your resiliency.​

Identify and improve

Impact sort which browsers, devices, regions, CDNs, players, ads and videos are creating the most problems or poor experience for your viewers. No more needle in haystack. Pinpointed data to act smart and quick. ​

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